The construction has started – Our plans

27 October 2021

The construction has started – Our plans

After almost a year, the Quadra was towed to the shipyard again last week. This time not for a paint job, but for the real thing: the construction of the sailing yacht is about to begin!

In the past week all old superstructures have been removed from the deck, so that new superstructures can be placed later. We are now working on adapting the water tank and diesel tank.

First impression of our plans

To give you a first impression of our plans, you will find the drawings below. These are basically ready, but can certainly change a bit with regard to the interior.

After completion, the Quadra will accommodate 6 passengers in 3 double cabins. There is also crew accommodation for 3-4 people.

Drawings by Olivier van Meer Design

Main particulars are:

Overall length
Length between stem and stern
22,85 m
Waterline length
16,70 m
Max. beam
4,90 m
Max. mastheight above c.w.l.
24,52 m
2,90 m
Sailarea total
328 m²
98,3 m²
Main topsail
21 m²
Schooner sail
59,2 m²
49,3 m²
32,5 m²
Inner jib
31,5 m²
Outer jib
35,9 m²

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