Our partners

8 November 2021

Our partners

The construction of the Quadra would not be possible without good partners. We would like to introduce the companies we work with below:

Olivier van Meer Design
Quadra: 3D-scan & drawings

The OVM office has been involved in the construction, conversion and refit of over 600 projects since 1985, including private yachts as well as professional crafts.
OVM develops comprehensive, ready-to-build sail and motor designs and concepts, always searching for authentic and balanced lines.

SRF Shipbuilding
Quadra: steelwork

SRF started in 1975 in Leeuwarden. This company, managed by Lex Tichelaar and four partners, has grown into a shipyard that measures 16,500 m2 and that is equipped with extensive facilities for ship building, refits and repairs, in the port of Harlingen.
SRF has always been a market leader in charter shipping, but over the years the expertise has widened to the classic segment, the sailing and motor charter segments and houseboats.

Ward & McKenzie NL
Quadra: MCA surveys & certification

Ward & McKenzie NL in Loosdrecht is an independent and internationally operating yacht surveyor. Your partner when it comes to the purchase, building or refit of any yacht up to 24 metres. Ward & McKenzie NL is also approved by the MCA to inspect and approve all yachts up to 24 meters for all categories.

Lodewijk Meeter Scheepsbetimmeringen
Quadra: interior carpentry

Lodewijk Meeter Scheepsbetimmeringen stands for quality, with an eye for a contemporary character and style.
In addition to complete exteriors/interiors and restorations/repairs of ships, Lodewijk Meeter Scheepsbetimmeringen also provides total packages for Lemsteraks, luxury motors, yachts and sloops, among others.​

M de Groot Jacht- en Scheepstuigerij
Quadra: rigging

M de Groot BV in Stavoren has been rigging a wide variety of sailing ships since 1904. According to the old craft, or with modern techniques. With a practical view of things, they strive for optimal safety and functionality in every rig, with a sense of unity and simplicity. Always the best fit for the ship.

United Baltic Sails
Quadra: sails

UB Sails is a real all-round sailmaker in Medemblik that has been around for over 30 years with a customer base from pleasure and commercial sailing. They have a modern sail making facility for the new sails and can also assist with repair and maintenance of sails.

Our other partners/suppliers:

Marinediscounter, Bijrinus, C.I.V. Harlingen, BW Generatoren, Lijnema Accuservice, De Jong Motoren, Multiship, TryDo Steering Gear, Alphatron, Strikwerda Ankerlieren, Hilbrand Bruinsma, De Haas Scheepsbeslag, Post Marine, Boot Akkrum, Windex, and others.

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