Steelwork ’21-’22

30 March 2022

Steelwork ’21-’22

Steelwork, winter 2021/2022

October 16, 2021 is the time to bring the QUADRA to the SRF shipyard in Harlingen. Time to do all the steelwork on the hull. Unfortunately, the parts for the new superstructures and the extension of the stern have not yet been delivered. But luckily there is still plenty of other work to do first, such as removing the old superstructures, moving the tanks, placing the bulkheads and building the engine room. After this work is finished, a temporary floor is laid and it suddenly becomes visible how much space there is in the QUADRA.


A closer inspection of the deck reveals it to be somewhat thin and dented and very difficult to get even. A minor setback, but replacing the deck completely would also save a lot of other work, such as blasting the inside, so that choice was made quickly. And so all that remains is a large bathtub. But not for long. Piece by piece the new deck frames are placed and then the deck.
It is now January and the new steelwork parts have finally been delivered and the always hard-working steel worker Arjoderik can easily continue welding the parts together.

And then comes the most exciting part at the end of January: the extension of the stern. The new stern is assembled and ready to be weld to the ship. But then it turns out it doesn’t fit. After a lot of measuring, puzzling, consulting the drawings and consultation with the design office, it turns out that there is a mistake in the drawing. A small mistake with big consequences. Again measuring, puzzling and doing. Thanks to the craftsmanship of Arjoderik and André and many hours of extra work later due to all the adjustments, the QUADRA has a beautiful new extended stern.
Then it goes fast. One superstructure after another is placed, just like the cockpit. It is becoming more and more visible what the QUADRA will look like. But here too the consequences of the mistake in the drawing are noticeable and the necessary adjustments have to be made.
Before the doghouse is placed, the engine, generators and other large parts are first placed in the engine room.
After all the major steelwork is done, it’s time for the details and making the ship wind and watertight. Plus for a few coats of paint, so that the new steelwork is immediately well preserved.
After more than five months of hard work, the QUADRA leaves the shipyard on March 27, 2022 and her beautiful new lines are finally visible in full length for the first time.

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